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I’m thankful to author Vanita for making understand how emotionally strong and self control the mother should be to raise her children well and also the importance of family role to help the mom. Hope it will help new mom’s and relate the experiences shared by author in the book.. Forward to see more books.


Great work… looking forward for more..!!

Azzu Mohammad

Congratulations on the latest publication of your book of poems.
Few of the poems such as “Middle Class” and “When I met myself” in the book are so good. You did a tremendous job in poetically keeping your thoughts ( new in a way).
The title and the motto of the title are amazing. After all the work and effort you put in on this book, it looks like you will finally be recognized.
I look forward to reading your next book. Please share it with me when it comes out.

Amazon Customer

Really very good collection of poems with relatable thoughts. It is Written with simplicity and very easy to understand. Different stages of thoughts are beautifully shown.

Tulika Nage

It is very evident that each poem is written in a manner that is deeply connected. The choice of words is just as amazing as the writing skills of the author. So, there is absolutely no reason left to not pick this book up. I will just advice you all to stop whatsoever you are doing, grab it, and start reading. I bet you will not regret. I would strongly advice everyone to read this out.