When health is stolen

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In 20s, when someone is about to steal your heart, you feel the flutter in it as if signaling you about the movement. You lose sleep, forget to eat and in fact you just focus on impressing the stealer. Whether you win or lose, your health magically survives this choice of big adventure. Your busyness is forgiven, and you are not impacted much. You can continue making Insta perfect memories. I too have them in my head, as I didn’t know if Instagram existed back then.

But in 30s, when you have already become someone’s better half or even better full of yourself, the body has grown into a different version, let’s say, 2.0. And this 2.0 wouldn’t be able to stand up for you while you are busy playing games of heart, business or even discovering life on another planets.

So, in case if your heart, well not just it but your full good health gets gradually be stolen by someone or something occupying your mind like a parasite, you might hit a sudden halt. And trust me, it is scary, it does shake your living experience unpleasantly – you just stop getting sleep at nights, you don’t feel good about anything, you feel tired and then the blood test marathon starts as you want back your beautiful normal nights of baby like sleep. These five to six sleepless nights in a row act as a whistleblower for you to act in time.

In India, many women get rushed to hospital and are given an emergency injection and ICU care as her Hemoglobin level drops to a dangerous level while she was busy being a lot of things overloading her being human capacity.

Indian men get their belly grown out due to sitting job – yes it gets exhausting for them too, I understand! – but they need to walk for their heart and people in it; and women fainting here and there as they lack nutrients, sufficient rest and off time from their infinite duties.

These multistorey buildings are so poorly designed that there is no possibility for morning sunlight to bless you inside your house and you will often report to your healthy neighbors that you are too busy to get it by walking out around 7 am.

Yes! Yes! I understand, some of you have become a parent, some became a manager of an MNC or even a country head. I get it, pal! But our health doesn’t get it anymore as post 30, the body starts to show its aging effect actively. We need to act religiously in providing for everything it needs to function – sunlight (early morning), exercise (body parts need to move), breathe slowly (don’t you like it that way), breakfast (Protein rich food – compulsorily), walk after every meal for 30 minutes (yes even from kitchen to room or balcony would do – No excuse), work – Of course you need to earn your bread and butter ( but try drifting toward a job/work you like to do – Yes it is possible! I am trying it – writing while working for my 10 to 8 job), only first five reels in between is ok but then get back to spend time with your child (read stories, paint Peppa & George together, listen to his stories from park) and spouse (of course you need to make love- its healthy for both). And, when working just focus and finish it on time and then sleep early. You know why, right? 🙂 The sunlight post 9 am gets harsh for everyone. So, let’s try somewhere between 6:30 am to 8:30 am.

So, I did it. I went to see a doctor – got my complete blood test done for 6-7 parameters. The results pointed deficiency of essentials – Vitamins, HB and over the borderline Thyroid imbalance. Got pills subscribed – cross checked the dose with another doctor – they were same. I don’t really like to take medicines. But at this point in time, I don’t have a choice.

I have promised to myself to return to my earlier fully healthy self soon who was busy eating good homemade food, dancing and singing in life apart from working for bread and butter. Earlier, I never stopped at any pharmacy as no medicine was needed, thanks to the habits inculcated in me by my parents.

Right now, I am starting my morning with the T-pill – 1 hour break (sunlight, yoga) – and then breakfast and so on with the mix routine (corporate work at home set up) – also doing things like writing (this blog post here) & sleeping early. I am cutting on meaningless chats which adds value to no one but just steal away our precious free time.

My baby is already asleep. I will also finish this blog entry & do the final favorite thing – touch the green colored Rajasthani print cotton bedsheet & sleep on it peacefully (Yes, I am feeling sleepy like a healthy person again, grateful! _/\_ 😀 ).

I wish you, my dear reader, to get a quality sleep too (like happy hibernating bears) at nights. 🙂

Take care of your health first.

Much Love <3 ,


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